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Working with the cards

For over a decade the Tarot has been an important tool in my life, allowing my to reconsider my assumptions and habitual thought patterns.

The reading will take about 30-45 minutes initially. We will begin by discussing any questions you may like to bring to the cards. We will then draw 3 cards and discuss what they bring up.

Following the session I will spend some time reflecting on the cards drawn and consulting a variety of texts including the I-Ching. The results of your reading will be emailed to you within 10 days as a word document of around 2 pages, which along with an in depth reflection on the cards, may also include gentle guidance on meditations, breath work or focus points, texts and sounds which I find suggested by the reading that may be helpful. The sessions are a combination of symbolism, chance and intuition. And always done with the utmost of care.


Every step of our lives we create the possibility of new futures. These sessions offer a reflection on what future it is we truly desire and guide us on how best to focus our energy and head towards that.

Sessions are offered either on Zoom or in person (£60)

My Story with the Cards

The cards came into my life following a trip to Thailand where a woman I had recently met saved my life. In a moment I saw my end & walked towards it, but she, seeing it unfold, with the gentlest of actions, called me back. Following the event, she told me I was Kali, I had a journey to go on, and the cards would be a profound tool to help. 


She was writing her phd on Chilean poet, film director and tarot reader Alejandro Jodorowsky. I knew the name as I had bought his film El Topo for my brother one year, curious about his use of symbols, and his son had been around at some parties when I was living in Paris.  Years later she turned up at my home in London and we discussed the event from the safety of time past. We spoke about how her phd had progressed and, after she departed, I bought Psycho Magic by Jodorowsky, which brought me to studying the Tarot. We called her the little bull, and though I have met a number of extraordinary women in my time, I have never met a person like her since.

When I bought my first deck, the Marseille tarot, the first card I drew was the 13, the unnamed card, death. ‘Of course’ I thought, and fell familiarly into darkness,  but when I explored its meaning my outlook changed. Here was a symbol of regeneration, transformation. Not the Eurocentric relationship with death, but the wholistic burgeoning of life that included necessary deaths to allow things to grow and find a place within a greater whole. An encouragement to tread forth into life without fearing the unknown. The place where seeds grow and lotus flowers take life.

Since this moment the cards have allowed me to change habitual thinking & actions by encouraging me to interrogate my assumptions about the world and have been a gateway to studying a vast array of ancient texts and wisdoms including the vedas, Puranas, I-Ching, Yoga sutras, Kabbalah. What if we allow something else rather than our already ingrained behaviours & experiences into our lives and challenge ourselves by introducing an element of chance & surprise, this has the ability to  reform our beliefs about ourselves and the world if we are open to them. The cards can encourage us on our ultimate life’s journey, the journey towards our true self realisation.

"Using a variety of techniques, both intuitive and interpretive, Rosanna is able to build a picture out of words that act as a model and indicates paths to take and ways to move forward in one's life. Her Tarot readings build a profile that is like a cross section of possibilities, compiled by Rosanna into a written document that acts as a useful guide towards an unknown future.' - Dan Coombs

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