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Traces of Future Histories, Still 1 from Single Channel Video

Stills 1, 2, 3, 4 (from film Traces of Future Histories 2), 2017, C-Type prints, 60x60cm | As No one on Earth could Bleach, 2016, oil on canvas, 92 x 121cm
Traces of Future Histories 2, 2017, Single Channel video 2:17 loop | Traces of Future Histories, 2017, Single Channel video 00:20 loop

SPACE London Creative Network 2nd Edition webpage

Rosanna’s practice is lead by Iconoclasm and explores illusion, authenticity and function. During her time at the LCN Rosanna explored the role of digital technology in the preservation of cultural heritage sites, and the questions raised by the emergence of digitised archives of visual culture.

Rosanna’s practice involves the transformation of particular religious artefacts and examining their relevance and what they tell us about our contemporary time. Through studying their history and making and remaking them she imposes on to them her thoughts and experiences, and thereby creates the objects they have become through her encounter with them.

Rosanna has expanded this process by experimenting with a variety of means of transforming her two-dimensional work ‘As no one on earth could bleach’ into three-dimensional space. The LCN has enabled the digital evolution of her practice and given her access and introductions to digital 3D studios in London. ‘Traces of Future Histories’ is a series of prints and holographic video that document the sculptural embodiment of her painting. Rosanna presents an object of questionable physicalization that retells the source’s original narrative, to encompass female and eastern perspectives as well as asking what it is we will chose to leave behind.

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