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Creative Alignment: Yoga, Art & Sound

Courses held in Central London Locations

(No previous yoga experience is needed, all levels, from experienced to completely new are welcome)

Through embodied practices including yoga, sound meditation and art exercises, we will explore some of yoga’s philosophical principles to create a space that allows each participant to explore and strengthen their connection with their authentic voice and the direction of their creative practice. 


Embodied practice allows us to connect and listen to our selves, to play with our own sense of space and to establish tools for a nourishing and connected creative practice and attune with purpose to our creative path. 





Each session will begin with a led yoga class of between 45 minutes to an hour, exploring postures and developing a practice which is personal to the individual and can be built upon in each class. These sessions will focus on creating a relationship with breath and movement, building a dialogue with the body that allows us to develop our ability to listen, respond and navigate through any blockages or resistance with openness, curiosity, and confidence. Turning our attention inwards, we will aim at detaching from expectations and rather paying more attention the actions in themselves.


Rosanna will introduce a new yoga principle for each session (such as dristi: point of focus and anahata dvani: unstruck sound) and we will discuss how it can be applied to a creative practice. These sessions will include meditation, the use of sound and looking at how these ideas are explored in both traditional visual material and contemporary art. We will explore how to apply, and visually communicate the experiences and reflections we have had throughout the day. There will be time for self-reflection, group discussion and one to ones.

What you will need: a notebook, a yoga mat, wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely. You may also wish to bring a blanket.

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Meet Your Workshop Leader

Rosanna Dean

Rosanna is a multi-disciplinary artist based in East London. She is currently Artist in Residence at the Oxford Centre for Hindu studies exploring the relationship between embodied practice, visual material, and Sanskrit. She graduated from the Royal College of Art (2019), BA (Hons) Painting Camberwell College of Art (2013) and studied Old Master painting at the Angel Academy Florence. She teaches painting and creative practice at The Essential School of Painting (London).


Alongside her art practice Rosanna is a qualified ashtanga yoga teacher, having studied with Bharath Shetty at Indea Yoga Mysore and studying ritual practices such a Tantra and Theyyam in Karnataka. On her return from India she began learning Sanskrit. She has been practicing yoga for over twelve years and playing music most of her life. Most recently she has been exploring sound, using the voice, drumming, and singing bowls, to create meditative states that are relaxed, steady and receptive and connect to different energy sources within the body. She is currently studying Sanskrit and its sounds with teacher Lucy Crisfield.

Rosanna brings so much to her role as a mentor of creative practice. She brings professionalism and deep experience from her own practise and a generous ambition to understand and enable you to investigate yours. I have found her positive collaborative approach both stimulating and nurturing in equal measure and greatly value her generosity of energy, interest and artistic experience. 

Lucy Kelsey, London

You will be kept up to date on future dates and locations
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